Industry Proven Consultant

Blockstein is the fastest growing technology companies focused on researching and developing Blockchain solutions.

FinTech Focused

Blockstein is developing a platform that connects banks, payments systems, and people.

Innovative Smart Contract Solution

We at Blockstein are developing tools to generate a Proof-of -Existence, Proof-of-Authenticity and Proof-of-Integrity of a file, record,document,certificate , degree on Blockchain .

Blockchain Consulting

We help you evaluate and implement blockchain technology in your business domains like Trade Finance, Digital Assets Management, Payments etc.

Wallets and Exchanges

We design and develop highly secure and scalable Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency wallets and exchanges, using blockchain technology.

Product Development

We deploy a dedicated team of experts for development of blockchain application for your product or startup.

Think FinTech, Think Blockstein

Prioritising the innovation process is key for Financial Institutions. The only way to get returns is to invest to learn.


Mobile Branches

Services for the underbanked


Mobile Money

Customizable Payments Infrastructure

Share, Sync Sign,and Collaborate Securely with Blockstein Smart Sign.

Blockstein Smart Sign is a blockchain-powered solution for contract management - secure storage, digital signatures, tracking, searching, and reporting.

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Of customers are ready to adopt the new technology paradigm


Amazing product solution based on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency


Lines of code is already written and still counting

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Your team is most productive when your entire design workflow is in one place. Our integrations automatically push and pull activity from your favorite systems.

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